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Hisably makes managing convenience stores simple, fast and efficient

Get detailed analytics on daily reports, purchases, expenses, general ledger, and more
Get detailed analytics on daily reports, purchases, expenses, general ledger, and more
Scan lottery tickets and automatically calculate daily lottery sales.
Scan lottery tickets and automatically calculate daily lottery sales.

About Hisably

Hisably is your go-to accounting software for convenience store management. It combines the features store owners need most in an intuitive user-friendly interface.

General Ledger

Throw away your notebook ledger and access your store’s finances from any computer or mobile device.

Daily Sales Report

Finish your daily cash reports in mere minutes with automated calculations.

Lottery Ticket Scanner App

Lottery Scanner Online

No need to manually count lottery tickets – scan them and let Hisably calculate your lottery revenues and inventory.

Extensive Tutorial Videos

Learn how to make the most of Hisably through a series of carefully crafted instructional videos.

Report & Analytics

Get live reports on convenience store sales and commissions alongside income and expense reports, bank transaction reports and more.

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Why Choose Hisably?

Hisably is the first cloud-based accounting solution designed specifically for convenience store bookkeeping.It puts your store’s finances in your hands.

Lottery Scanner Online
bank account
bank account
  • Scan Lottery Tickets

    Don’t count lottery ticket sales manually – scan them and have Hisably calculate your daily sales per shift. Manage lottery book inventory with ease using any standard barcode scanner.

  • Shift Management

    Assign employee shifts directly through the software and get instant reports on cash flow, lottery ticket sales and gas sales – keep employees accountable for over and shorts!

  • Manage Purchases and Expenses

    Track open invoices and payment details using Hisably’s powerful automated tools. Get detailed reports and financial statements instantly.

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We’re dedicated to making life easy for convenience store owners. See what some of our current users are saying about Hisably.

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  • Get daily cash reports done in five minutes.
  • Save valuable time by scanning lottery tickets by barcode.
  • Keep accurate records of account payables and receivables.
  • Instantly generate reports on sales, payments, purchases, expenses, payroll and more.

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Now available as Mobile App

Connect Bluetooth scanner with phone to scan your lottery tickets and do report with ease on your mobile phone.

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