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Hisably changes the game for convenience store owners by saving time and money like never before. It automates the most time-consuming parts of small business ownership: report generation and bookkeeping data.

What is Hisably?

Hisably is a cloud-based web application designed specifically to address the needs of convenience stores, gas stations, and liquor stores. Store owners can use Hisably to monitor and manage their store’s finances with ease.

As a simple, fast, and efficient bookkeeping solution, Hisably replaces the spreadsheets many convenience store owners use to keep track of their finances. It’s as easy to use as the pen-and-paper ledger most store owners grew up using, but with powerful automatic features developed specifically for convenience stores – like lottery ticket scanning and multi-store sales report generation.

Who Made Hisably?

Hisably was designed by convenience store owners like yourself. We have 25 years of experience in the convenience store industry and have run into the same obstacles you do. Our team has seen the moves that clever store owners make to manager their stores better, save on costs, and prevent lottery theft.

All of that experience has gone into making Hisably as focused as possible on the needs that convenience store owners share. We empower store owners to take control of their finances using the latest, most modern technology available.

Ronik Patel – Co-Founder/CEO

Ronik builds web projects that offer beautiful experiences. Serial entrepreneur and convenience store veteran, Ronik is a Boston-based application developer who is always on-hand to help turn website ideas into complete and fulfilling experiences.

Ronik holds a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship from Babson College, MA, has traveled to four continents and has achieved success working with numerous international teams. He has spent more than half a decade working in the convenience store industry.

Arvind Patel – Co-Founder/CXO

Chief experience officer Arvind Patel is the brains behind the time- and money-saving features Hisably offers. It was his initiative that addressed the need for automatic lottery ticket scanning, report generation, and more. Arvind beta tests all of Hisably’s features in his own convenience store, drawing on real-life experience to produce better and more efficient results.

Mukesh Patel – Advisor

Mukesh is on Hisably’s advisory board. A convenience store professional with 25 years of experience and multiple stores across the United States, his profound insight has proven critical to Hisably’s growth time and time again. Mukesh has helped us deploy early versions of Hisably in many different stores in order to gather feedback, add features, and make the user experience the best it can possibly be.

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