Overview of Features

Hisably gives you a fully featured tool set for handling your convenience store’s bookkeeping.
Use it to monitor financial transactions and get instant data on cash flow.

All-in-One Accounting Software

All-in-One Accounting Software for your Entire Store

Hisably is an all-in-one accounting software that takes the hassle of managing your convenience store’s bookkeeping. How? Instead of taking notes in a ledger and comparing them at the end of the month (or sending them off to an accountant), the software instantly gives all the information about your store.

The software can also print daily reports, run detailed reports, export financial data, and analyze cash flow, giving you a powerful perspective on each location’s profitability. You may discover that employees are stealing lottery tickets or those particular line items simply aren’t producing profit – Hisably puts the power in your hands

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Hisably All-in-One Features

Hisably's Core Features


All-in-One Accounting

Track, manage, and report on all store data in one application.


Daily Cash Flow Reports

Hisably calculates your daily gross sales and cash report and instantly tells you if you have cash shorts or overs.


Lottery Scanning Technology

Save valuable employee time by scanning lottery tickets with a barcode scanner.


Manage Employees

Manage daily cash reports by shifts and hold employees accountable for cash over/short.

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Cloud Based Application - Hisably

Cloud-Based Application Offers 24/7 Access

Hisably is not only a cloud application but also one of the best c store solutions that let you store all the data and process safely on the web server, which can be accessed anytime. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for this because of their industry-leading security and excellent track record. The solution can be accessed from any device connected to the internet, such as a PC, mobile, or tablet, at any time. You can even access Hisably from multiple devices simultaneously and see data from live reports in multiple stores as employees enter them in real time.

Secure Cloud Connection

All stored data is end-to-end encrypted. Nobody but you and the users you add to your team can see your data.


Access Anywhere

Hisably is easily accessible from any web browser. There is no need to download or set up the application.

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Cloud Based Solution for Multiple Stores

Designed for Multiple Stores

Hisably doesn’t just track financial transactions for a single store – its cloud-based architecture makes it ideal for tracking financial statements from multiple stores in real time. We have leveraged our two decades of convenience store management experience to develop this c store solutions application that solves the problems that multi-store owners most commonly face. Hisably offers:

  • Detects and deters employee theft through accurate bookkeeping and scanning technology.
  • Tracks and prioritizes accounts payable so you’re never behind on payments.
  • Offers in-depth analytics from data over multiple locations.
  • Saves time by automatically generating reports and counting lottery ticket sales.