Convenience Store Lottery Counting with Hisably

Convenience Store Lottery Counting with Hisably

A reliable, automated solution for creating daily lottery and back-office reports

Managing a convenience store is anything but convenient. 

Many store owners struggle to track lottery inventory accurately and manage cash flow in a way that promotes business success. It’s difficult to spot pricing errors and identify the signs of employee theft when you have a thousand other things to do every single day.

These problems are significant when you own a single convenience store. If you own and operate multiple locations, they become a serious limit to your growth.

Most multi-store owners simply replicate their existing technology in each new location. This makes it difficult to scale and ends up costing more time and employee hours than its worth. Cloud-based convenience store back-office systems like Hisably make it easy to operate multiple stores from a single dashboard.

To show how we’re going to introduce some of Hisably’s most valuable features and show how they help convenience store owners streamline some of their most challenging tasks. Let’s consider daily reports first.

Daily Reports are Essential to Convenience Store Operations

Performing daily store closeout reports is a must for convenience store owners. 

In theory, you can get away with performing reports on a weekly basis, and many convenience store owners do. For example, most state lottery authorities collect lottery balances every Thursday. Some store owners simply account for their lottery sales every week.

But this exposes store owners to serious risk. If you don’t balance your cash drawer at the end of every day, you can’t catch employees secretly pocketing cash at your expense. Tracking daily sales is absolutely critical for preventing theft and catching bad employees in the act.

Convenience store owners who run daily reports can rest easy at night knowing that their cash drawers are balanced and ready for the next day. They know lottery inventory is well-managed, and they have enough cash in the bank to cover lottery payroll and bills.

But conducting daily reports is difficult and time-consuming. Doing them by hand at the end of every workday is a long and thankless task. 

Keeping daily transaction records on a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel isn’t much better, either. Excel cannot scan your end-of-day ticket numbers. You need to enter them manually, one at a time. All it takes is one error and suddenly you have to spend another half hour finding and correcting that error. There are no reports or filters that can help you do that.

Ultimately, neither pen-and-paper nor Excel-based reports do much to prevent theft or streamline back-office tasks. In order to perform daily reports, you need a solution that automates the process.

Introducing Hisably for Convenience Store Daily Reports

Hisably is a cloud-based convenience store back-office application that automatically processes daily reports. This means you can create and save daily reports in mere minutes, without having to manually verify every single lottery scratch ticket sales that took place that day.

Hisably is equipped with automatic calculations designed for convenience store owners. It scans lottery tickets and automatically calculates lottery revenues. All you have to do is count the cash you have in your drawer – if the numbers match, you’re done for the day.

This application gives convenience store owners the ability to start running their businesses more efficiently. You can now conduct reports to identify areas where your business is hitting obstacles, such as lottery inventory reports and lottery ticket performance reports. Each of these can help you gain the insight you need to optimize your business and make it more profitable.

Keeping daily tabs on your business performance enables you to take a historical view of your convenience store’s success. All of these optimization strategies can help make your convenience store more profitable, and they all originate with daily reports. 

Once you start collecting and analyzing daily sales data with an accurate, purpose-built solution like Hisably, you unlock the true value of your convenience store and its profit-making potential.

Deploy Scalable Technology to Manage Growth

Hisably is a cloud-based convenience store lottery and back-office solution. That means it is available 24/7, from any internet-connected device. This secures your store data against damage, corruption, and theft, and makes it exclusively available to account administrators.

Most importantly, it enables growth. Cloud-based convenience store back-office software allows you to verify sales for multiple locations from a single dashboard. With a dependable manager in each location, you no longer need to physically visit every individual store and verify transactions. Hisably puts accountability back into convenience store reports.

What Does Hisably Do?

Hisably a fully-featured C store back office software for managing your convenience store’s bookkeeping. Use it to manage lottery sales, monitor financial transactions, and get instant data on cash flow.

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