Demystifying Data Scanning: A Guide to Resolving Set-Up Issues in Lottery Management Software

Demystifying Data Scanning: A Guide to Resolving Set-Up Issues in Lottery Management Software

The Daily Grind of C Store Owners

Most convenience stores across most of our states have scores of customers day in, day out. Many of them also are quite aficionados of lottery tickets. Trying their luck out whenever they get a chance to, whilst picking up their weekly groceries, refueling their vehicles, or plainly dropping off their kids. 

Be it as may, lottery tickets are one of the most common things people are driven to when at their favorite convenience stores. Trying their luck at hand, with one or two tickets often, is a favorite pass time, too, for some! 

Every C store often experiences a tough time managing lottery tickets, beginning from acquiring them, sorting, positioning, and paying payouts to the lucky winner at the check-out counter! Having too many lottery tickets to look after, right from ordering them, marking, and categorizing them, sorting and listing them, and finally adding them to your shelves from where your customers would pick one or even a few handfuls of them! 

Most lottery tickets have instructions printed for the C store owner as well as the customer on how to check their winning numbers as printed on the ticket. For the store owner, it so happens that these types of lottery tickets require some sort of manual intervention when it comes to tracking their own inventory of existing stock as available with the C Store. 

Furthermore, when any customer brings the lottery ticket from the shelf, it is another story required to process the wins for the amount as per the lucky draw! Lottery tickets nowadays feature some sort of digital imprinting for ease of managing them. 

For example, most would have some sort of bar code or a QR code printed on the front or their backside. This modern invention alleviates the hassle of tracking the existing tickets and the ones that the customers have taken off the lot. But let us take a moment to fathom ‘how it all works’ through a simple image of black patches, which is quite difficult to comprehend with a single glance! 

Through digital nuances of creating and printing these QR codes or bar codes, every little thing, that might bear these stickers or labels, has some sort of details carried on their packaging or outer shells. It is what differentiates them for the purpose of storage, tracking when in shipment to destination or customer, stock and inventory management, case report and replacement units in cases of RMA, as well as in cases of lottery tickets, even knowing the status of the winner and the exact prize-winning amount! 

For lottery tickets bearing these codes, you can simplify your life if you have just the right software, which is fine-tuned to manage it exactly the way you would like to! For example, Hisably from By JD Softtech is a fine example of something that is multi-function software, with all the features that are coveted by most Convenient store owners! 

Hisably Makes Lottery Management Hassle-Free

Hisably is essentially a comprehensive accounting software that is available as a cloud-based web application. It is specifically custom-tailored, based on the regular requirements as per the functions and features that were taken into perspective through the feedback and suggestions of hundreds of C Store owners across the US! With scores of accounting features, it makes your daily grind feel like a smooth sailing Sunday! Right from detailed analytics such as daily reports, purchases, expenses, general ledger balances, inventory, and more to automatically calculating daily lottery sales! Its most amazing feature is all about easily managing the daily records of lottery tickets in your C Store! 

Be it any type of lottery ticket, Hisably makes it a breeze to categorize them, track the available stocks, bring live results to the fore at the touch of a button, and much more! This precision lottery management is possible through its integrated bar code and QR code scanning module. This scanning function lets you simply scan the code, and the entire details of the ticket are displayed on your screen in a matter of seconds!

The price of the ticket, and the amount of prize that the winner is entitled to, are all automatically fetched from the cloud server in real-time! This makes the data scanned highly reliable and manageable in real time. Since Hisably is using a cloud-based database for storing and referencing all the ticket information (including the lottery business plans), it guarantees faster and most secure methods of managing and issuing lottery tickets with your customers! 

Scanned codes are transmitted to the issuing state government’s servers in the most secure encrypted form for lottery ticket data retrieval in cases of the customer is the prize winner for that lottery ticket! Hisably also has a built-in function for keeping track of available stocks in precise numbers of tickets where you store them, those on the shelf, and those balances in the leaflet. 

Additionally, based on this information, Hisably also provides you with a manual update option for reviewing the number of tickets with you. Through this function, it also extends its functionality by further providing an option to place an order for those tickets whose supply is diminishing rapidly. 

Say from 15 different types of lottery, stocks of 3 lottery ticket types are rapidly depleting due to customers’ preferences; you can choose to order more of them directly from the state lottery company through Hisably! 

Furthermore, Hisably uses the same encryption standard for placing orders with the state lottery government division! Consequently, Hisably’s code scanner is quite reliable in tracking the existing stock that is lying in your store, and for the purposes of ordering more of the same, it can be used to place orders for it in a jiffy!

The matter of primary importance is that all data is stored or referenced from Hisably’s online cloud servers. In no way could there be any manipulation of lottery tickets’ winning numbers! 

The same digital Bar or QR codes are also responsible for providing real-time data of the commission that is due to you (for each lottery ticket sold) from the lottery issuing division of the state. 

Hisably has a built-in commission tracker, which has pre-fed figures in percentages for commission, as per the laws or provisions of each individual 50 states across the US. Based on the state or region you select, the precise amount of commission to be applied to the total sales of tickets is calculated in real-time, as receivable per month, and shown on the page! Additionally, should there be any revisions or changes to the commission percentage figures, you can manually update these too! 

Consequently, there could never be any inaccuracies of amounts receivable from the company, as well as any tampered instances of prize winners of the lottery, when you are using Hisably!

What Must You Need To Monitor?

With critical data of your lottery details getting scanned through your computer system, it becomes imperative that you need to keep a check on certain key areas that govern the smooth and secure functioning of your store’s financial and inventory details. 

  1. To begin with, if you are facing issues such as scanning errors, check whether there are connectivity issues between the infrared scanner hand-held device and the computer. 
  1. Next, check whether there is any ISP or internet issue going on in your area due to bad weather or any ground maintenance scheduled by your ISP. 
  1. Lastly, if things are fine here, check if there is any operating system update and if any application update has been issued from the software developer. 

With all the above steps, you can check once in a while to ensure that your lottery management system keeps functioning without any hiccups!

With a cloud-based web application such as Hisably, it’s most probable you would never face issues such as system incompatibilities or hardware not meeting basic requirements since it runs through a browser and internet connection! Your accounting software, Hisably, is always online at your service!


Why do I need an internet connection for my Lottery management software?

Since most lottery management software typically relies on a database to store and manage information, the internet is a prerequisite for connecting with the lottery database server. Take a check on the lottery server address or IP details, or even any VPN or routing software that you might be using, so that the software can connect directly, and effectively!

Why doesn’t my load or crash at start-up?

Most often than not, it could be some hardware issue, like faulty memory or a corrupt boot drive. However, before rushing to replace either of them, you can check whether there had been some operating system update that conflicted with the lottery management software or vice versa. Check with the lottery software provider or developers for a solution to this, write a query, and wait for their solution. 

Moreover, if you recently installed the software, and it is not functioning smoothly or has intermittent issues, check the software documentation for basic system requirements or documentation or the vendor’s website for the required operating system version, hardware specifications, and any additional software dependencies that the developers have laid down as guidelines for running the software.

Why Do I See Inaccurate Figures on the Billing Screen?

It could be that some figures somewhere could be incorrect or changed or conflicting with other numbers. In your software configuration settings, review any numerical values that need to be set correctly. Values such as lottery rules, ticket pricing, payout structures, and any specific options are several reasons that could produce an inaccurate bill for the customer. If necessary, refer to the software’s documentation or reach out to the software vendor for further guidance.

What Does Hisably Do?

Hisably a fully-featured C store back office software for managing your convenience store’s bookkeeping. Use it to manage lottery sales, monitor financial transactions, and get instant data on cash flow.

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